Exercises you can try during pregnancy- Part II

By Aditi | September 25, 2009 6:05 pm |
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The exercises that you perform during pregnancy must be repeated at least three times a week. It is advisable that you perform these exercises on surfaces that are firm but not hard like an exercise mat. Make sure that you breathe normally during all the exercises that you do. We shall now have a look at some of the exercises which you may consider doing as they take care of all major muscle groups in your body.

Start with the hamstring lift. This exercise requires you to rest your body on your hands and knees. Keep your foot flexed and lengthen your left leg behind you. The leg must be lifted until your back level. Then lower your leg and change sides and repeat it several times. Try the inner and outer thigh lift as well. The inner thigh lifts can be done with crossing your right leg over the left while you are propping on one of your sides. The outer thigh lift requires you to lie on your side and resting your head on your hands and keep your body aligned. After that slowly lift your top leg up and hold it for 5 to 10 seconds and then lower it down slowly.

The other exercises that you can try include the chest muscle, plies and sit backs. You can also try the curl up and trunk roll. The exercises must have a repetition of 5-20 times depending upon your endurance level.

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